Reporting a vanished fic...

What Counts As "Vanished"?

The first thing you should do if you think a fanfic has vanished is...
  1. Check if it's already on the list. If so, you only need to contact me if you think you have new information.
  2. Search Google, Yahoo, and Bing. (The "Please double-check that it's plugged in, sir." step.)
  3. Search, MediaMiner, and FicWad using their internal search engines. (They don't index well)
  4. Check a RAAC (rec.arts.anime.creative) archive. 1 2 3
  5. If it's a Ranma ½ Lemon, check StFan's Ranma ½ Lemon Story Archive (NSFW).
If you cannot find the fic through any of those links, it is a candidate for being hosted here and you should contact me. If you found the fic but it was difficult, I may still link it via the "Moved" section.

What Counts As "Crippled"?

A crippled fic is any story which originally used a mix of the following elements to flavor the reading experience but is now only available in a more basic form: You can request that a fic be considered, but status will be judged on a case-by-case basis so I don't end up hosting every little story that included a scribble or neon-pink polka-dot background with yellow text.

Doing Your Own Searching

If you'd like to help look for a vanished fic...
  1. The Wayback Machine (Mirror) is a good general-purpose first stop for most everything but (They block it)
  2. If the fic was hosted on GeoCities, you can check ReoCities, OoCities, and
  3. If the fic is old enough, it may have been posted to the FFML (Fan Fiction Mailing List) 1 2, which has a search site that also covers earlier incarnations.
  4. If it's a Ranma ½ fanfic and you're not sure where it was originally hosted, check Rakhal Stormwarden's Penultimate Ranma Fanfic Index.
  5. If you think another step should be on this list, by all means, please tell me.

Note: This list is not a substitute for getting me involved. Experience and cunning aside, I can also put the fic on the Wanted list where someone who keeps a private archive of their favorite fics may see it.