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The Vanished FanFic Archive

How Do I Request A Copy of the Site?

If you wish to request a copy of this site, please provide the following information:

  • Whether you intend to set up a mirror and, if so, where it will be so I can link to it.
  • What format you would prefer the site bundle to be in. Please select from Zip, Tar (GZip or BZip2 compression), or 7-zip

Once you've got those, ask away.

What Does It Take To Run A Mirror?

By design, the site is extremely simple to host. There are no server-side scripts and, for 99% of the web servers out there, you can just unzip it into a folder and you're good to go. To run a full and proper mirror, all it takes is:

  • 15MiB of free space as of this writing (13MB if your server handles gzip correctly)
  • A copy of rsync